As young  South Africans, you must never let opportunities pass, take advantage of every chance you get because it can change your life. There is an abundance of talented youth in the country who are seeking new opportunities each and every day. Graduates from both universities and colleges are produced annually, all these recently graduated individuals are compelled to look for ways to begin their careers. If you have just recently graduated you will need an internship, learnership or in-service training to kickstart your future. Exposure to the working environment will help you to gain more experience. This can put

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  Learnerships opportunities in South Africa are available for youth. We are a  developing country with many learnerships opportunities for young and upcoming people. Each and every young individual has the right to pursue their own career path. With so many South African’s looking for opportunities it is important to know where to look. The government offers sponsorship and exposure to learneships. If one is dedicated and shows commitment and focus they could be permanently employed.Learnerships zones in the practical aspect of your career choice. E.g. If you studied education you will be given a class to teach and experience first hand

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Bursaries Crucial In Education

Posted by | April 15, 2018 | Bursary

Bursaries are crucial in planning your entire education, including how to source the finances required for such an education. However, it is a fact that most South Africans suffer financially and thus cannot afford to acquire good tertiary education. Only with funding initiatives and bursary programmes can many of the country’s youth afford to take advantage of their basic constitutional right to a good education. Bursaries and Scholarships refer to financial help from sources such as the government and private institutions, and are much needed, and utilized, financial avenues for thousands of students around the country. A bursary entails that

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Internships shape your career

Posted by | March 26, 2018 | Internships


After graduating from tertiary institutions young people usually seek for internships in order to gain practical experience. As a graduate, you will need some thorough training before your potential employer can even look at your CV. In most cases, young people need to be trained in the working environment before applying for full-time employment. Hunting for a company that will give you training is always challenging as most graduates like you will also be competing for the same opportunity you are seeking. Before you hunt It is a well-known fact that most employers will preferably hire an experienced candidate instead of

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