Demand for student bursaries is high in South Africa

The demand for student bursaries is high in South Africa compared to other African countries. This is because of the increased number of matriculants who want to further their studies after finishing high school. Most young people are eager to kickstart their careers at tertiary institutions, but they don’t have… Read more »

Financial Aid and other government bursary programmes

As more and more young people flock tertiary institutions there is a higher demand for Financial Aid and other government bursaries programmes. The South African government is under a lot of pressure to deliver basic services to its citizens.With a population of over 55 Million people, the government has many obligations… Read more »

Matriculants must look for opportunities and be productive

Are you one of the recent matriculants who are not sure what to do with your life and what to pursue this year? Well, I’m quite sure that you are not alone, many young people are at the same place as you right now. Many of you are still trying… Read more »

Tertiary education can be expensive without sponsorship

Tertiary education can be expensive without sponsorship

Keep the right friends at University

University life is fast hence you must be careful of the company you keep. Your first year at university can make you or break you. Now that you are living on your own be careful of the temptations that come with tertiary freedom. If you are tempted you might get… Read more »

Finding a job in 2018

Finding a job in 2018

The new year has just begun and every aspiring young person in the country has their resolutions. Everyone has their own ambitions on what they want the year to look like, progressive thinking is what usually gets you ahead anyway. Finding a job is one of the most important aspects… Read more »

Government Programs Available for Matriculants

Finishing matric can be a scary time for youngsters but the government has a number of programmes in place to assist school leavers. Matrics across the country have received their results and are now looking to take the next big step towards furthering their education. Applying to post-school institutions can… Read more »