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Job interview tips

Job interview tips

Job interview tips should be considered by first-time employment seekers. We all know how difficult it is to get a job and people who have never really gone through the whole process of looking for one do not completely understand the pressure as they have never went through the interview…. Read more »

Most Overlooked Careers

Most Overlooked Careers

When you think about a career, the most common ones that pops up in most people’s minds is either being a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or even a teacher. Now the problem with that is it limits your imagination. There are plenty of other most overlooked careers out there… Read more »

Choosing the Right Career Doesn’t Always Have To Be So Difficult

Not everyone is lucky enough to know what career they are destined to have. With so many career choices available, it is easy to get flabbergasted and confused when you finally have to pick one that you will go for. Some people only figure out the right career path after… Read more »

NSFAS should offer Bursaries to more young people

It is a well known fact that NSFAS Should Offer Bursaries Young More People. There are many people in our country that want to further their education but cannot due to financial difficulties. With financial institutions like NSFAS, you would expect to see more people getting the help they need… Read more »

Universities and tertiary institutions

Universities and tertiary institutions play a major role in the development of young professionals in South Africa. A university is an institution of higher education and research which awards academic degrees in various academic disciplines. They provide undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The closing of the matric door is the… Read more »

Never let opportunities pass

As young  South Africans, you must never let opportunities pass, take advantage of every chance you get because it can change your life. There is an abundance of talented youth in the country who are seeking new opportunities each and every day. Graduates from both universities and colleges are produced… Read more »

How to prepare for your first graduate job

Before you start your very first graduate job it is crucial to understand that there will be a major shift from personal to professional. You must know your competencies and your strengths, it is your duty as a graduate to study and understand the culture at your workplace. Know yourself,… Read more »