Free Education

universities matriculants

Universities and tertiary institutions play a major role in the development of young professionals in South Africa. A university is an institution of higher education and research which awards academic degrees in various academic disciplines. They provide undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The closing of the matric door is the opening to the door of a tertiary institution. Applications to gain entry to the university/tertiary institution are usually done for those who are still matriculating during their matric year, they apply and are required to provide their mid-year report, and as the year progresses their final results are the final

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After a long struggle for free education in South Africa, it looks like that dream may come true for the poor South Africans. President Jacob Zuma announced that higher education would now be free in the country. This is indeed quite an achievement for the country considering where we come from. Free education has been one of the most talked about topic over the years. A lot of has happened in higher education institutions. Strikes and free education activism have caused a lot of disruptions in the tertiary education system. Young students, who are predominantly black have played a major

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