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Should Fees Really Fall

By Luyanda Mazibuko Should Fees Really Fall ? This is still a most talked about topic. After 4 years since the beginning of the whole #FeesMustFall campaign we still have student protests each year all for the same reasons and still producing the same results. But there are some who… Read more »

Overcoming Peer pressure at Tertiary

Peer pressure. Those two words are statements on their own. Peer pressure is honestly one of the most common issues amongst our youth. It is the beginning of the tertiary academic year in many institutions around our country and I thought it was only fitting that we actually discuss this… Read more »

Universities and tertiary institutions

Universities and tertiary institutions play a major role in the development of young professionals in South Africa. A university is an institution of higher education and research which awards academic degrees in various academic disciplines. They provide undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The closing of the matric door is the… Read more »

South Africa is moving towards free education

South Africa is moving towards free education

Difference between university and tvet colleges

What is the main difference between university and tvet colleges ?. This is an important topic that needs to be discussed as the year begins. A lot of young people have been misled to think that universities are better than tvet or technical colleges. Over the years we have all believed… Read more »

Failing Matric is not the end of the world

Failing Matric is not the end of the world

Many young people in South Africa think that if you fail matric your life is over. With the 2017 matric results having been recently published, some matriculants who didn’t pass might think it’s the end of the road. Well, I have good news for you it’s not the end of… Read more »