Chase your dream  regardless of the obstacles

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You must Chase your dream  regardless of the obstacles in front of you. You are fresh out of primary, bursting with dreams and ideas for what you want to do with your life. When the times comes, you choose the necessary subjects and you are sorted. It is now grade 12 and you need to start applying but then you find yourself being forced to apply for something you have no interest in. This is a situation most students find themselves in and for some it might feel as though it is the end of the world but in actual fact it could be the birth of all your dreams.

Just because you might not be studying what you want to study for, it does not mean you cannot do what you still want to do. For example; if you are an artistic person with a flair for photography but your family would rather you study medicine then you should get a hold of a camera and take pictures in your spare time, if you actually want to study medicine or nursing but you find yourself getting a degree in law, volunteer at your local clinic or hospice so you can get a feel of what your field of interested might entail and that might help you understand it even more, if you are an entrepreneur at heart studying towards a BSc you could start your own business and if you are an athletics enthusiast it might be even easier because you can join your campus’ athletics team.

Choose the right career and chase your dream. Many young people often give up too early because they lack motivation and a pillar of strength to lean on in times of doubt but motivation and pillars can be found anywhere and everywhere, especially with the use of modern day Information and Communication Technology’s (ICT’s). If you are interested in an unconventional career such as photography, music, drama or even athletics, it will be easier for you to still put your best foot forward and work towards building your career. For a budding photographer, there are many various websites you could go to in order to get your work out there.

To increase your exposure, the more websites you visit and interact in, the higher your chances are. You could even sell some of your work online and that is already putting a bit of extra money in your pocket. If you are interested in drama but you are unable to study for it, you could simply start by just going to as many auditions as possible so you could hone your skills and who knows, that role you have been dreaming of getting might just be an arm’s length away. If your dream career is business related, what better way is there to start but by opening and registering your very own company which is not difficult at all.

You will need to go to the municipality with a certified copy of your identity document and proof of residence, a registration fee which may vary between R125 and R475 depending on the company’s objectives and about five names already picked out and then rest is easy because they will pretty much help your throughout the rest of the process then once you are done you will have to open a business account and register it with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). The message here is to just take whatever you are given and make the best out of it. Chase your dream with Your Jobs.

Do as much as you can that is closely related to your dream career choice, regardless of any negative influences you feel might be weighing you down. Find positive role models that inspire you and learn from their stories so you can start building yourself up today. Chase your dream and never stop until you reach the green light and always remember that not all flowers bud at the same time but if you nurture it well enough, you can trust that the flower you planted will blossom and you will know that you are where you want to be.

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