Demand for student bursaries is high in South Africa

Posted by | October 24, 2018 | bursaries

The demand for student bursaries is high in South Africa compared to other African countries. This is because of the increased number of matriculants who want to further their studies after finishing high school. Most young people are eager to kickstart their careers at tertiary institutions, but they don’t have the financial means. Tertiary education is not affordable that is why the demand for student bursaries is high in South Africa. Most young people in the country are historically poor because of the effects of apartheid. Therefore, it is extremely challenging for these previously disadvantaged individuals to reach their goals. The demand for opportunities is higher than what is available. Both the public and the private sector must come to the party and assist with bursaries. The government needs to implement more initiatives for those who can’t afford tuition. These initiatives can help a significant number of young people who want to pursue their careers. The government must ensure that the free education for the poor policy is well implemented.

In the past 10 years, the standard of living has increased rapidly and continues to do so with the recent change in value added tax that is being demanded by the government. It is only natural that the need for a better living is high and the unemployment rate is not making it easier. It is not that there are no jobs in the country or the lack of opportunities, but it is the lack of platforms for people to showcase their skills or qualifications to the right people that is the problem. There are thousands of qualified previously disadvantaged individuals that are sitting at home because they cannot find jobs, or they do not have the money to bribe or they do not have the right connection. The corruption in this sector is beyond insane. The fact that you have people who refuse to hire because they do not know you or because of race or just because you do not have the money to bribe for the job.

Let us not forget that there are millions of young students that wish to further their studies but do not have the funds. The government has to make sure that free education is given to the right people. What is the point of free education of one does not even know about it? There must be workshops and demonstrations in rural areas and schools for people with a matric certificate to help them apply and give them career guidance to the right fields and where there are more job opportunities. Universities should also guarantee at least two job interviews for graduates.

Demand for student bursaries is high in South Africa and certainly, this must change. We all hope that the government will change the status quo. For this country to thrive it needs contribution from its citizens.

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