Graduate unemployment is increasing in South Africa

Posted by | February 1, 2019 | employment

Yes, it is true and the fact that graduate unemployment is increasing in South Africa is frightening. As a developing country we need as many of our citizens to be contributing in furthering our development, especially the graduates that come fresh out of tertiary institutions booming with new and fresh ideas which could take us steps further than where we currently are at this point. If anything, our country needs us to believe in ourselves and in the dreams of the people trying to make a positive change.

There are many factors which contribute towards graduate unemployment such as; the defect of government intervention which would create more job opportunities, low labour demand, lack of planning from graduates and/or tertiary institutions, lack of interest in the studied course, disruptive changes in our society due to economical, technological, political and social factors which may change the dynamics of the job market etc.

Proper leadership at the top of the hierarchy is the most important factor in our country’s progression. The incapability of our leadership to create the necessary job opportunities for graduates is one of the top reasons we have found ourselves in this situation, followed by the lack of required education received by graduates. Our government needs to put more money toward giving students the necessary education they need rather than using it for frivolous reasons. If you want to grow peaches in your backyard you will not just throw the seed on hard, dried up soil. You will make sure you plant your seeds in the most fertile part of your yard. You cannot expect a prosperous tree to grow in unkind conditions, the same goes for people. Our leaders need to build an education system which will cater for its students by providing the necessary care and conditions they need.

In some instances, it is not always the leaders that are to blame for Graduate Unemployment. Sometimes students show no interest in what they study for and you do not put in as much effort into something you have no interest in. There are many reasons why students might not be studying their desired course and this always leaves a bit of room for graduate unemployment at the end of it all. Students should not just go into tertiary institutions because they want to leave home or because they want to get their families to stop hounding them. Studying towards something you are passionate about will give you the kind of drive and determination that will push you to find work. If not find work, then create work.

Our society is constantly undergoing change. Whether it be political, social, technological or economical, these changes are always influencing our lives. Politics rule our country and it is sad to say that whatever the government feels is not urgently beneficial to them, they will not prioritize. The graduate unemployment rate is increasing but they do not put much effort into trying to change this. The only time we see any kind of change is when the end result suits them. The best thing to do in situations like this is to not be dependent on political parties but rather to be dependent on yourself. Do your own thing, start a business and prosper on your own merits. Social factors hinder the youth more than anything because nowadays people are not really looking for employment but rather for an easier way out of financial difficulties. The problem with that is we do not spend enough time thinking about the long-term effect and planning is crucial. What is the point of making money now that you have no guarantee of making in the next 10 years?

Technology will always be evolving and the more it does, the less manpower is needed in certain disciplines. That is just something we cannot run from. Our economy is also not in its best state and our country’s people feel that hit more than the people in charge of making sure that does not happen. This is why graduate unemployment is becoming a serious thing and could potentially be a factor in our possible recession.

The cadential state in graduate employment could be our potential downfall, but who knows? Perhaps that particular group of graduates that possess the key to unlock this country’s great potential is waiting for us to just believe in them. We cannot just sit and watch and do nothing. We need to create our own jobs. Do our own thing. Not only will it be beneficial for our country but being an independent workforce is highly beneficial for the people involved.

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