How to prepare for your first graduate job

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Before you start your very first graduate job it is crucial to understand that there will be a major shift from personal to professional. You must know your competencies and your strengths, it is your duty as a graduate to study and understand the culture at your workplace.

Know yourself, this is very important when you go for an interview. Your CV has all the information about your qualifications and all the skills that you can bring to your potential employer.When you go for interview things may be different and more personal, this is where your employer might drill you and ask you more questions about yourself. Highlight what makes you the best candidate and tell your potential employer what value you will be adding to the company.

You are not the only one looking for their first graduate job

Competition in the job industry is fierce nowadays, employers will dig deep to find out what you are all about.They want someone who has the strength and the passion that will fit the company description.This is when your potential employer will seek to find out if they are hiring a right person for the job. Personal or ‘soft’ questions should give you an edge, you should excel when answering these questions. Use your experience and share your perspective on different life aspects.

Make sure you practice all the possible interview questions, you can do this at home with a family member or just use a mirror or a webcam. Do not underestimate these tricks, most graduates often think they will cruise through the interview but this is not always the case.Interviews can be intense if you are not fully prepared, the interviewing panel is always likely to put you in a challenging position so its best you prepare yourself early.

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