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Job interview tips should be considered by first-time employment seekers. We all know how difficult it is to get a job and people who have never really gone through the whole process of looking for one do not completely understand the pressure as they have never went through the interview. This can be a very scary and intimidating experience for first-time job seekers but with the correct preparation and mannerism, anyone can get through it.

First thing’s first, before you even go to the interview you should do research on the industry you want to work in and even more research on the company you want to work for. Focus on the company’s position in the industry, reasons for why you think it might be in the position it is in, ways in which it can improve etc.

Always prepare for common interview questions such as, “Why are you here?” and “Why do you think you are the perfect fit for the company?” but also prepare for any inappropriate questions you might be asked pertaining your; race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, current employment status etc. It is advisable to have a set of questions prepared for your interviewer because you will be asked if you have any questions. Having questions shows your knowledge of the industry and the company but most importantly it also shows your serious intentions of wanting to work there.

Consider Job interview tips

In your preparations, try to anticipate what the interviewer might be concerned about and their reservations as well. Be aware of your disadvantages then find a way to work around them by preparing your defense. Ask yourself why they might not want to hire you because odds are, they will have their reservations so you will have to find a way to sell your strong points.

Like anything else, the most important part of the preparation process is practice, practice, practice. Practice saying your answers and your questions about ten times until you sound fluent, smooth and confident. Rehearse before the interview as well so you do not choke up. Compliment yourself and remember that you are the right person for the job. Do not be your own critic but rather uplift yourself and keep positive thoughts flowing in your mind.

Be on time! Ideally, the best time to arrive is 10 – 15 minutes prior to your interview. If you are late, that already shows unreliability which is not the best first impression. Dress appropriately. You cannot arrive to your interview wearing baggy or revealing clothes. Formal is always the best way to go. Also, bring your curriculum vitae because your interviewer will probably want to have a look at it.

The first couple of minutes are crucial to show enthusiasm. Body language is everything; give your interviewer a firm handshake, have confidence, be assertive and take responsibility for the rest of the interview.
Make the most out of that “tell me about yourself” question. You have to clarify your selling points to the interviewer and give proper reasons for why you want the job. Have 3 – 5 key selling points that you will speak about, eg: “I have excellent communication skills”, “I work well under pressure” etc. Also show interest in the job position you are being interviewed for as well as in the company as a whole.

End your interview on a positive note. If you feel nervous at the end of it, do not give up or lose hope. Keep practicing these steps for every interview you go to and let go of any mental obstacles. Job seeking does not have to be a mission if you consider these Job interview tips. If you just keep up the confidence and prepare yourself well beforehand, everything should go well. If you do not get the job, just keep at it and do not let it get you down.

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