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Learnerships opportunities in South Africa are available for youth. We are a  developing country with many learnerships opportunities for young and upcoming people. Each and every young individual has the right to pursue their own career path. With so many South African’s looking for opportunities it is important to know where to look. The government offers sponsorship and exposure to learneships. If one is dedicated and shows commitment and focus they could be permanently employed.Learnerships zones in the practical aspect of your career choice.

E.g. If you studied education you will be given a class to teach and experience first hand the practicality of your future job as well as the hours allocated to it. They are two subcategories that offer learnerships namely the private sector and the private sector . Private sector has its disadvantages and advantages , the advantages are that because its a small industry you may find yourself working outside of your comfort zone. To put this more precisely if you are a lawyer who does research for cases , you may find yourself wearing other hats in the company to fill in the other gaps. This is advantageous because not only does it narrow you to your career path but it opens your mind to other career choices. You become an all-rounder.

The benefits in the public sector are unlike the private sector. They are more generous in remuneration aspects, this is obviously a nice gesture as one covers one’s cost however the issue is that of competition. Because the government employes so many people, it is impossible to be mentored and be fully equipped in the day to day runnings of your learnership. They are simply enough people to fill in all the gaps. All in all , the private sector offers grander opportunity to learn and the public sector offers the environment for one to coexist in. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing because the public sector learns its services from the private sector. The public sector outsources most of its work to private companies . Private companies consult and do a lot of tenders for the government, hence it is safe to assume that the one cannot live without the other. The private sector needs the public sector to operate sufficiently and vice versa.

Seek for  the best  Learnerships opportunities in South Africa

No matter which sector you find a learnership, make sure you work hard and impress your employer to increase your chances of getting hired permanently. Remember that there is always someone who is looking to do better than you therefore its crucial that you work harder than your competitors . If you are complacent someone else will surpass you, competitors are always looking to take your place. Learnerships are available for young people , to find your best opportunity you must do your research and ensure that you look at the right places. The internet is the easiest and most convenient way to find any information . Seek these opportunities online and apply for a career that is relevant to your field of study. Don’t overlook the newspapers , a lot of information is still available on print. You can also physically visit these institutions to submit your CV , this will increase your chances of employment. Start hunting for your best learnerships today ,your search may take longer than expected but remember that consistency is the key.

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