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When you think about a career, the most common ones that pops up in most people’s minds is either being a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or even a teacher. Now the problem with that is it limits your imagination. There are plenty of other most overlooked careers out there that most young people should consider studying and honestly in this day and age, cliché career choices are not so beneficial.

Have you considered a career in Protein Science? I know, it sounds kind of crazy but it really isn’t. A protein scientist explores the different roles of protein in molecular and cell biology, genetics and evolution. In order to become a protein scientist, you need to get a Masters Degree or a PhD in either biochemistry, immunology, molecular and cell biology or enzymology or any other related field. You will be performing different tasks such as research and feasibility studies into proposed protein-engineering projects, design expression constructs for antibody and protein production, etc. You will also need to have excellent communication skills, both written as well as spoken English, be able to work with collaborative scientific projects as well as have really good organization skills.

Most Overlooked Careers Young People should consider studying 

If you have a love for aviation and can work well under extreme pressure, you could consider being an Air Traffic Controller. Air Traffic Controllers deal with the coordination of aircraft movement to maintain safe distances between them. In our country, to become an air traffic controller you will need to at least have a National Diploma in Air Traffic Control. Training is provided by Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) through the Aviation Training Academy and takes 4-6 years to complete. This qualification assists the South African aerospace industry which affects the safety of people and goods for economic development. Students who have achieved this qualification will contribute in the reduction of risks that are involved in the aerospace industry by becoming either Air Traffic Service Assistants (ATSA) or Aerodrome controllers who wish to qualify as Area, Approach or Ground-Controlled Approach (GCA) controllers.

Space Weather Specialists. This field of work specialises in identifying as well as forecasting the different major space weather events, especially those that could potentially alter the infrastructure and the power grids we have here on earth. You are required to get a BEng or a BSc and then after that you can go on to your postgraduate studies to get your master’s degree, then preferably a PhD in either atmospheric science or another scientific field offered by other universities.

Court Reporter. If you have a proficiency in grammar, have impressive dexterity, strong language skills and if you are able to work on your own, this could be a good career option for you. Court Reporters deal with creating word-for-word transcripts at depositions, trial and other different legal proceedings.
Bioinformatician. Yes, the word “bioinformatician” is a mouthful and sounds kind of complicated but if you are a lover of numbers and biology then this might be this career for you. Being a bioinformatician simply entails understanding, processing and studying biological data through mathematics, technology and, of course, science. Usually all you would need for this field is a bachelor’s degree in any field related to biology but academic posts, research positions and development jobs would then require you to complete a doctoral degree program.

One of the best choices to make would actually be Dental Hygiene. In this line of work you are basically required to examine and clean teeth. You also examine patients for any signs of oral diseases as well as provide any preventive dental care. To become a Dental Hygienist you are required to have a degree in oral health.
Audiologist. This career entails the diagnosis, management and treatment of a patient’s hearing, balance or any other ear problems they have. Sounds pretty simple, right? And all you are required to have is a bachelor’s degree in audiology.

These are just 7 of more unique most overlooked careers you most probably were not even aware are in demand in South Africa right now. Do not go for the predictable route and choose a common career path. The rest of the world is evolving, let us evolve with it. Change is needed and trying something new is always scary but worthwhile. So just give it a shot.

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