Never let opportunities pass

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As young  South Africans, you must never let opportunities pass, take advantage of every chance you get because it can change your life. There is an abundance of talented youth in the country who are seeking new opportunities each and every day. Graduates from both universities and colleges are produced annually, all these recently graduated individuals are compelled to look for ways to begin their careers. If you have just recently graduated you will need an internship, learnership or in-service training to kickstart your future. Exposure to the working environment will help you to gain more experience. This can put you in a better position for full-time employment. Companies are always looking to hire someone with work experience.

Young people must never let opportunities pass them by 

Experienced employees add value, that is why it’s important for you looking for work at a company that will train you efficiently. Most companies are always on the lookout for new talent. Whether you are a university or college graduate you still stand a chance of getting your best opportunity. However, only a limited number of young people are able to get these opportunities. Not all of the graduates will get employed after recently graduating. There is a high demand for jobs in South Africa, unfortunately, this demand can never be met. The government must put together more interventions in order to reach more youth. It is the duty of the public sector to ensure that more graduates are properly trained so that they can be productive for the country’s economy.

The key to your success is to ensure that you never let opportunities pass by. You are probably not the only candidate who is looking for that certain opportunity. There are many other candidates who have acquired the same qualifications as you who are looking for the same opportunities. You must have that at the back of your mind when you apply for an opportunity. The same applies when you get to the interview, you will need to know that you are competing with other’s who want the same job. Prepare early for that job interview, most young people struggle in interviews because of the lack of preparation. Employers often look for qualified and capable candidates, that is why they will not give you an easy time during an interview. It is therefore important to be ready to go when the interview opportunity comes your way. Remember that passing an interview and getting a job is only the beginning. When you start working you have to stand out and impress your employer.

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