NSFAS should offer Bursaries to more young people

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It is a well known fact that NSFAS Should Offer Bursaries Young More People. There are many people in our country that want to further their education but cannot due to financial difficulties. With financial institutions like NSFAS, you would expect to see more people getting the help they need but instead there are still people struggling to fund their education.
The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, or NSFAS, provides Bursaries to students who meet the required criteria for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and public universities. It provides bursaries as well and collects past student loan repayments to ensure more people can keep getting these loans in the future. It also supports students who come from poor and working class families that would not be able to afford studying further.
NSFAS has helped a number of people but there are some people who do not meet their requirements that need financial aid as well. One of the requirements is that your annual combined household income does not go above an amount of R350 000. Some students might come from situations where there is only one person who supports the family financially but there are many people living in that household. Financial aids need to take into consideration the different circumstances people come from rather than just subjecting everyone to the same criteria.
Another one of the requirements is that you must be registered at a TVET college for one of the National Certificate

Vocational or report 191 programme or registering for an undergraduate qualification at a public university for the first time. There are many students who wish to study again but cannot because there are not any financial aid schemes that can help them. Other students might have only studied at a university for one year and could not complete their qualification. Regardless of the reasons, we have a lot of deserving students who cannot continue with their studies and NSFAS could help by also being available to them.

Some of the requirements are unreasonable, you must be an already registered student at a public university with an annual household income of less than R122 000 to qualify for NSFAS bursaries. It is not fair to those students who do not meet this criteria because R122 000 per annum is not really a lot and if this is the limit, then there are obviously a lot more students out there who are looking for funding. This amount should increase so it can cover as many people as possible.

Obviously, we do not expect NSFAS to provide bursaries to every student in the country but it could provide some aid to students who need help, even those who do not qualify for SASSA grants. To qualify for a SASSA grant, you must either be a single parent with an income of not more than R4000 or married with a combined income that does not exceed R8000. This limit is obviously too low because more often than not, we do find people in our country who have an income that is slightly higher but are still struggling. NSFAS should at least offer a certain amount of bursaries to students who come from situations that need it.

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