South Africa is moving towards free education

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After a long struggle for free education in South Africa, it looks like that dream may come true for the poor South Africans. President Jacob Zuma announced that higher education would now be free in the country. This is indeed quite an achievement for the country considering where we come from. Free education has been one of the most talked about topic over the years. A lot of has happened in higher education institutions. Strikes and free education activism have caused a lot of disruptions in the tertiary education system. Young students, who are predominantly black have played a major role in fighting for free higher education for the poor.This is due to the fact that most Africans are historically disadvantaged, the system of apartheid played a pivotal role in this.

Will the system of free education be sustainable and affordable in South Africa ?.

I am not an expert so it is hard to say how this system will work, it is also hard to predict how sustainable this new system will be. Will the country afford free education? , only the economists can do the analysis for us. Surely this is not what young people are worried about, what they want is to go study and launch their careers. Free education for the poor will have a positive impact on the lives of many people. It makes lives better for families who could not afford to send their children to tertiary. Every young person who has contributed to the struggle for free education should “ tap themselves on their backs”.There is still a long way to go but it helps to know that so much has been achieved already. There is a strong hope that those who come after us will have more opportunities and will not have to worry about not being able to afford to study.

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