Matriculants must choose the right career path

After the excitement of finishing school dies down, matriculants find that choosing a career path has somewhat a lot of pressure. For some this pressure tends to be overwhelming, while some already know what their career path is. This decision is one that is very important because it determines what… Read more »

Universities and tertiary institutions

Universities and tertiary institutions play a major role in the development of young professionals in South Africa. A university is an institution of higher education and research which awards academic degrees in various academic disciplines. They provide undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The closing of the matric door is the… Read more »

Matriculants must look for opportunities and be productive

Are you one of the recent matriculants who are not sure what to do with your life and what to pursue this year? Well, I’m quite sure that you are not alone, many young people are at the same place as you right now. Many of you are still trying… Read more »