Unemployed graduates in South Africa

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There is a significant number of unemployed graduates in South Africa. These graduates struggle to get jobs because of limited opportunities in the South African working industry. Unemployed youth statistics are very high and there is a demand for more employment opportunities in the country. There is a number of factors that have contributed to this. These include but are not limited to economic uncertainty in the country, immigration, employer preference for experienced workers and more.

Economic uncertainty
There are many issues that have contributed to economic uncertainty in South Africa. One of them being the proposed VAT hike from 14% to 15%. This tax price hike has resulted in retrenchments. Employers want to spend less money and they are no longer willing to hire as many people as they would before the VAT hike. The increased fuel prices are also a major contributor to the increasing number of unemployed graduates in South Africa. This has caused a strain in both the public and the private sector as it is hard to predict the value of the Rand.

Immigration is one of the major reasons why we have so many unemployed graduates in South Africa. Many jobseekers travel to the country to look for the already scarce job opportunities. This is a major issue for the local graduates who are already competing for limited resources.

Employer preference for experienced workers
It is a wildly known fact that employers prefer more experienced workers. They are always looking to hire individuals who will become productive from the jump. Companies are not always eager to spend time and resources needed to train new inexperienced graduates. However, employers are obliged to take in graduates and give them experience. Internships and learnerships are always advertised by both the public and private sector.

Opportunities are still available for young people, even though there are so many unemployed graduates in South Africa. You just need to be persistent and make sure that you look for opportunities in the right places. Employment opportunities are always advertised by both the public and the private sector. University and college students can apply for these opportunities.

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